CES MB Board

We are a dedicated volunteer team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Please reach out to one of our passionate board members for any questions or inquiries.


Ryan Catte, MA, CE

  • Chair all meetings including establishing the agenda for each meeting
  • Communicate with the National Administrative Office on matters pertaining to membership, finances, and other matters
  • Represent the Chapter on the Council of the Society
  • Represent the Society in general
  • Provide a report to the Chapter at the Annual General Meeting

Email me: president_cesmb@evaluationcanada.ca


Andrew Buchel, Ph.D, CE

  • Support chapter initiatives
  • Replace the President as Chair of meetings whenever required

Email me: vp_cesmb@evaluationcanada.ca


Marianne Krawchuck, MA, CE

  • Maintain accurate and timely records of all the finances of the Chapter

Email me: treasurer_cesmb@evaluationcanada.ca

National Representative

Andrew Buchel, Ph.D, CE

  • Communicate with National CES regularly for up to date with ongoing initiatives and new resources across Canada
  • Report back to the Executive on discussions and decisions made by National CES

Email me: nationalrep_cesmb@evaluationcanada.ca

Professional Development Chair

Ryan Catte, MA, CE

  • Responsible for organizing the professional development programs offered by the Chapter
  • Coordinate professional development opportunities identified and informed by the Executive and the Chapter Members
  • Communicate with Chapter Members regarding professional development opportunities
  • Communicate with the Society regarding national professional development opportunities

Email me: pd_cesmb@evaluationcanada.ca

Membership Development

Andrew Buchel, Ph.D, CE

  1. Maintain records of Chapter Members
  2. Develop and implement strategies to promote opportunities for existing members and adding new members

Email me: membership_cesmb@evaluationcanada.ca

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